This vision wasn't born overnight. From a sports league to a charity race, from a social enterprise conference to having a heart to do more — these are some of the moments over the last few years that brought us together. Established in Vancouver, we have one simple mission: To provide daily apparel that represents our faith and beliefs.

Getting up everyday can be tough; and standing up for our beliefs, even tougher. Yet, as dawn breaks, we rise, ready to actively live out love in our community. We rise to every occasion, grow stronger from every trial, and remain humble in all our triumphs. As we push onwards, we focus upwards — because of Him and for Him.


Unlike rain and the attention it draws, dew is unassuming. It is gentle, quiet, and unconditional. It purposefully shows up every morning, nourishing life and nurturing growth. Like dew, we take pride in consistency; and like “do”, we take action. The intentionality of who we are and what we do resounds in our voice, our vision, and our products —  because of Him and for Him.


Meet the people behind the brand
Anthony Ma


How do you stay active: Using my stand-up desk in the afternoons.

Describe a perfect morning: Waking up to a renewed sense of purpose and feeling refreshed to tackle whatever challenges the day holds.

Favourite item of non-R+D clothing: My PentaSport Unity sweatshirt.

Jocelyn Li


How do you stay active: Spin, yoga, volleyball, HIIT, and long walks!

Describe a perfect morning: Waking up early to sun shining through my blinds, fresh crisp cold air, a workout with friends, a pit stop at a nice coffee shop and then off to church!

Favourite item of non-R+D clothing: My oldest pair of jeans and my coziest sweater or crew!

Hosea Cheung


How do you stay active: Getting an early morning session at the gym.

Describe a perfect morning: Workout, coffee, and checking WhatsApp to see if Anthony messaged me.

Favourite item of non-R+D clothing: A Vancouver Grizzlies jersey that does not fit me anymore.


While we believe in quality messaging, we also take our products seriously and are committed to creating garments you can be proud to wear and share. This means we work with premium fabrics that are knit to last for years to come. All our pieces are handcrafted in factories we've personally visited and have strong relationships with. All our suppliers are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified, ensuring safe, legal, and ethical manufacturing processes.

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