Why we chose Victory for our first Chapter

Why we chose Victory for our first Chapter

Victory is an easy thing to visualize if you’re a sports fan. 

There’s the exuberant celebrations, the trophy raises, and the podium finishes. Some moments are more ingrained into our memories than others. Some are more special than others.

Being victorious is attractive — it’s positive, dynamic, and powerful. And much like sports, we all have daily victories: being praised for contributions at work, scoring a high mark on an exam, building deeper relationships, or watching family members succeed. The list goes on, in big and small ways. 

For Rise + Dew, the message featured in Chapter 1 is a reminder of the greatest Victory of all.

Unlike sports which end with a winner and a loser, we start our journey already knowing that we are victorious. 

The design represents that. The curve of the word on the sweatshirt symbolizes the hill on which Jesus’ cross stood. It was on that cross (reflected in the letter “t”) where He died for our sake — and because of His death and resurrection, we are given a clean slate from the death that we ultimately deserve. Jesus is victorious over death. He is the crowned winner, the prevailing conqueror, and eternal champion.

We can raise our Saviour high — knowing confidently that the victory is ours. We don’t have to wait until the end of the “game” to find out what the score is. 

Nearly two months into Rise + Dew now, we’re so glad that you’re connecting to the sweatshirt and the statement in a unique and personal way.

We hope that you will wear your true victory boldly and proudly.