Why we chose Set Free for Chapter 2

Why we chose Set Free for Chapter 2

Freedom is so valuable that over the course of history, many have fought and died to attain it. However, we often fail to understand the true nature of freedom. For many of us, freedom is the condition that allows us to take control of our own path in life, to do essentially what we want, when we want.

But this was not the intention of Jesus when he answered the question of how people can be “set free” (John 8:36). His sacrifice on the cross was not that we could be free to do what we want for ourselves; it was so that we could have the power to be obedient to what God wants for us.

In believing and accepting Jesus’ death as payment for our sin, our chains are broken and a weight is lifted. The sin we were once bound by loses its grip on our lives. Guilt, shame, and condemnation no longer have power over us and we are set free to live a fruitful life that humbly serves one another in love (Galatians 5:13-14).

In our other Chapter 2 message “SET FREE”, the letters in “F R E E” are spaced out and italicized to symbolize the release we have from sin and the movement we make towards a full and flourishing life that God intended for us.

We are set free by God, for God.