Why we chose Love Well for Chapter 3

Why we chose Love Well for Chapter 3

The word "love" gets tossed around pretty casually. “I love fries”, “I love that outfit”, and “Love this!” gets said to just about anything without thinking twice.

It’s a feel-good word that requires no conviction, no commitment, and no effort.

Our Love Well design for Chapter 3 of our Christian apparel collection is intended to challenge that. 

This is about loving deeply, freely, and unconditionally without expecting anything in return. It’s about going the extra mile, sacrificing comfort, and loving in a way that defies culture. We don’t love because it makes us feel good, because we gain something, or because we’re supposed to. 

We love well simply because we are already loved. 

This is about feeling so loved that you have no option but to share it — a response to the perfect love we’ve received from God. 

Our hope is that this design reminds you of His love, and the mission God has laid out for us to love others. 

We hope the circular shape reminds you that loving well is ongoing and never ending — it’s a lifelong mission. The repetition is a reminder that loving well multiplies, and your love will draw others to God, extending beyond what you see. 

And lastly, we hope the placement over the heart reminds you that love isn’t just about what you do and say, but who you are, the kindness you extend, the prayers you share, and the way you listen.