Why Christians should care about what clothes we wear

Why Christians should care about what clothes we wear

It's easy for us as Christians to separate faith from our everyday decisions, but God is interested in every aspect of our lives — including the clothes we wear and buy, and how we steward our money.

So how can we become intentional about what we wear while honouring God?

Conscious Clothing

Since fast fashion is inexpensive, we can easily overlook what we are buying and the clothing's journey. This includes the ethical issues that come with clothing that is low-cost and disposable.

As believers, we have to align our hearts and minds with Christ. By investing in fast fashion, we indirectly enable slavery and victimization contrary to the gospel. We are passionate at Rise + Dew to partner with God by providing quality garments that are long-lasting and empowering all stakeholders in our business.

Sharing the Gospel

Woven into our clothing is a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of all who wear it and witness it. The gospel is not only that Jesus saved us from an eternity separated from Him, but has called us to freedom.

To live in this freedom is to live as stewards of a broken world. That is why we design clothes that empower our customers to declare the goods news—giving opportunities to share their faith journeys. Wearing your faith allows God to use you to have those deeper conversations.

Good Stewardship

Called to be good stewards, we can't turn a blind eye to the plight of people enslaved to buying clothes that negatively affects the environment and lives of those in the developing world.

As we grow in awareness and education, we can then positively impact marginalized lives by supporting ethical clothing.