What's the difference between the two new Rise + Dew hat styles?

What's the difference between the two new Rise + Dew hat styles?

There are new additions to the Rise + Dew collection — that’s right, we now have hats! 

As a Christian apparel brand that also features sweatshirts and T-shirts, our mission is to represent our faith in daily clothing. That’s why we knew that for our hats, SET FREE from Chapter 2 was the perfect phrase to use as a declaration and conversation starter. 

Our brand name, Rise + Dew, is also starting to hold meaning for our community, so we were excited to make this the first apparel product with our name featured prominently.  

So what’s the difference between the two hat styles?


(available in black and natural)

The trendy dad hats have a metal clasp to adjust size, and are less rigid. Viewed as a more casual look, these hats sit low to your head and provide a relaxed fit. 


(available in black and grey)

The classic snapbacks have an adjustable plastic snapback closure that adjusts to your head size. With a pre-curved visor, these hats provide a more structured feel and offer an easy-going yet premium look, suitable for any occasion.

Having released hats less than two weeks ago, we are loving the response! Even as we grow our chapters and products, we're keeping comfort, style, and adaptability top of mind. Our purpose is unchanged — this is daily apparel that declares what we believe in.

What’s even more exciting to us is that the message and design offers encouragement, hope, and boldness. That’s why Rise + Dew exists. 

We hope you enjoy the hats and find one that you love too!