What are the challenges to sourcing good clothing material in North America?

What are the challenges to sourcing good clothing material in North America?

Would you be surprised to know that our Rise + Dew sweatshirts are handcrafted in Canada from imported fabrics? 

While it’s common to associate the quality of fabric to where it came from, the discussion should go beyond the country of origin.

As a Christian clothing brand and with Christ is at the centre of all we do, it took us time to really unpack this to ensure that our fabric suppliers would be aligned with our Christian standards of business and social ethics. 

Only until recently, labour laws, production standards, and general health and safety conditions of factories around the world varied significantly. That’s because practices were only designed to meet what was required by law in the country in which the factory was located. 

With globalization, more conscious consumer base, and overall technological advancements, this has changed. On average, looking at annual wages and long-term injury frequency rates in particular, working conditions globally have improved in the last few years.

Offshore materials are becoming more competitive and at times, exceeding what we could find in North America. 

  1. Technology, international trade, and training has enabled companies abroad to innovate and design fabrics superior in quality to those made locally. At the same time, due to laws and global certifications, factories abroad can achieve the same ethical and responsible business as local companies. 
  2. Simply put, in 2020, it’s not unusual to find superior fabrics knit abroad that meet the very same standards and certifications we expect from domestic suppliers. 

Quality is not always bound by the country on the label. 

That’s why we are proud to share that our beloved sweatshirt fabric is sourced from Asia before being cut, sewn, and printed in Canada. Our French Terry fabric quality is unparalleled, because we’ve done our research and chosen to source abroad. 

Our commitments are to build community, deliver quality, and remain Christ-centered. We are confident that all three values have been honoured in our fabric sourcing decision.