Three ways we are dedicated to serving our communities

Three ways we are dedicated to serving our communities

When we first started Rise + Dew, we agreed that our objectives and decision-making would be guided by our vision — to ‘love relentlessly’. That should impact every part of our business and brand. 

We are a social enterprise — serving purposes beyond simple profit. We chose to take on this important and worthwhile challenge, not just with the words on our shirts but also with where the proceeds go, where we manufacture, how we impact the planet, and who we choose to partner with. We can proudly say that so far, we’re doing our best.

Some of the ways we are loving, giving, and serving our God and communities through Rise + Dew include: 

  • Certified facilities: We are committed to ensuring that garment workers handcrafting our pieces are working in healthy environments which provide fair and equitable employment. Our suppliers are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified — meaning they ensure safe, legal, and ethical manufacturing processes. Hear from our co-founder Anthony, who grew up around the quiet hum of sewing machines where some of our pieces are made.

  • Keeping it local: We are committed to partnering with local photographers, designers, sewers, and businesses. We value relationships over transactions, waiting patiently over quick fixes, and will always choose what aligns to our vision, even when it’s inconvenient. We will jump through the extra hoop to build up partners and keep their needs, businesses, and communities in mind. 

  • Monetary donations: We are committed to donating a percentage of gross profits to a registered charity every quarter to support people and communities who require physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and financial support. We are grateful to be able to contribute to organizations who meet needs we so often overlook.

  • As a new business, we acknowledge that there’s still plenty to learn about running a social enterprise. We know we can always do better — as we continue to align Rise + Dew to God’s generous, caring, and loving character.

    At the end of the day, we are committed to serving Him and you — doing our best to love relentlessly.