The heart and the start

The heart and the start

By Jocelyn Li

I can’t believe playing in a multi-sport league and joining the organizing committee for a charity run would be building blocks to what is now Rise + Dew. 

In PentaSport League, we printed and sold a variety of apparel to raise money for Run For H2O — with sweaters, T-shirts, shorts, and caps. I love wearing my crewneck with “UNITY” embroidered in block letters on the front. Friends and co-workers frequently commented and asked where they could get their own. 

The thing is, the crewneck was generic and the print was simple. It surprised me that it stood out and created so much conversation. 

It turns out what really appealed to people was the message — a subtle yet powerful statement that represented who I was, what I cared for, and the kind of world I wanted to see. It resonated. It was bold in its own way and that was enough. 

So here we are, months later, putting together the final touches on Chapter 1 of Rise + Dew, a brand committed to designing apparel that represents you and gives you the opportunity and courage to create conversation about who you are. And most importantly, it hopefully also encourages and reminds you of what matters most.

We’ve crafted our garments with love and intention; choosing the materials carefully, manufacturing locally, and designing with a word that means so much. We know that every person wearing this crew has a story to share and that there’s a community wanting to feel included, welcomed, and close to this God we know and serve through Rise + Dew. 

Thank you for joining us and celebrating the start of something new. Even though we’re stepping into the unknown, we know that whatever happens next is perfect — the heart remains the same. At the heart of it all is a God in whom we have our Victory.