Taking a look at the first 3 months

Taking a look at the first 3 months

By Jocelyn Li

They say everything is 20/20 in retrospect. I can understand that now. 

Just three months after launching Rise + Dew, I can’t imagine not doing this — with resources available, a community eager and able to help, and people seeking God all around us, why wouldn’t we? 

This isn’t to say it has been easy and straightforward. After all, we said yes to God’s call because we know He is good and has perfect plans, not because we actually saw the full step-by-step roadmap.

Through it all, God has been faithful. He continues to open doors, start new conversations, and help us see with new eyes. When we think we’ve hit a roadblock, He shows us a way. These clothes aren't just clothes and this venture isn’t just business. 

Each garment is soul-bearing. It’s about who we are, in Christ. It’s about His perfection, an inspired life rooted in His truth, and the adventures the freedom to pursue Him can bring. It’s using a creative way to share our heart and our purpose; in the meaning of a design, in our manufacturing decisions, and in the thoughtfulness of the packaging. 

Our hope and prayer is that everything about Rise + Dew points back to the One who has inspired and led us through it all. 

Looking in the rearview mirror, we don’t remember every little twist and turn. The only thing abundantly clear is that God has been present and at work. Refocusing on what lies ahead, we can’t help but smile in anticipation for how He will challenge us and reveal His goodness once again. 

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