Reflecting on Christmas and 2019

Reflecting on Christmas and 2019

The Christmas story isn’t really all that glamorous if we were to take it at face value.

For a tale about a baby born to become the saviour of the world, there could have been many more ways to spruce up history’s most renowned birth. 

Instead, that historic evening started with two exhausted parents who had just made an arduous 90-mile trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem, only to be rejected a room at a hotel before having to settle in a stable filled with barn animals and visited by lowly shepherds. 

But despite all the worldly circumstances and grim surroundings, that night was the beginning of the ultimate victory we have in Jesus Christ. 

And much like the challenges, grim outlooks, and lack of glamour we all experience (and at times take for face value) in our own lives, we are reminded during this Christmas season that we live victoriously — because of His birth and, ultimately, His resurrection. 

So as this joyous season comes and goes, and a new year approaches, we're reflecting on what #Victory meant for us in 2019:


Growing up, I didn't excel at anything and never received any awards or accolades; I didn't feel I was of much value to anyone. The harsh reality is that to this day, in the "real world', I was probably right; I'm just not good enough. As we launch Rise + Dew, it's a relief to know that God doesn't see any of us in this way. He values us so much that he sent his one and only son to walk among us and suffer the agony on the cross so that we might be saved in his kingdom. That's the victory we can boldy proclaim. 


There’s so much that goes into starting up an apparel company than just an idea, a budget sheet, and some relevant skills. This year was a stark reality of how reliant we actually are of God and His ways. And how I also came to realize that much of what happens in my life is out of my own control. To finally launch Rise + Dew is a small win in what we hope would become a larger victory for His kingdom — in how we use this project to continually pursue Him and to impact those around us.


I’m a keener. I want to stay busy, do it all, and please everyone. The answer is always yes. In 2019, God challenged me to think differently. Instead of rushing to check 10 things off the to-do list, He asked me to stop and discern which item was His call and focus on that. I could switch jobs (which I did), travel, try new things, and build new relationships, but if I wasn’t for Him, so what? Rise + Dew, and the message of Victory, has been a constant reminder that it starts with God — and His love, His saving grace, and His promises.