Four ways for Christian businesses to highlight community and social impact

Christian Clothing Apparel - Rise and Dew

How should Christian businesses — and in our case a Christian clothing brand — be thinking about the people around them? 

It’s easy for businesses to focus on the bottom line and profit margins, but purpose-driven companies understand that community and social impact are what matters in the long run. There’s even more of an importance for Christian businesses to prioritize this.

As a Christian apparel brand, we are called to love those in our local, national, and global community.

But how do we do this? How can Christ-centred businesses love its community while also not allowing profits and financial incentives be at the heart of decision-making? 

Here’s 4 things to consider for your business:

1. Put relationships first

    Think of people beyond the company first. This isn’t a tactic to get more sales and leads, but to genuinely have a heart for people or, to use a more business term, stakeholders.

    For us as a Christian clothing brand, having a relationship-first mentality means that we aim to partner with organizations and people for the long term. 

    We take the time needed to do our due diligence whether it is reading up on a supplier or digging through an influencer’s feed.

    We want to build relationships that matter, and that last — not just because it’s good when building a brand, but we care about the community.

    2. Implement better labour practices 

    Manufacturing in Canada and USA means that labourers — at minimum — have rights, are paid fair wages, work in safe and healthy conditions, and have access to social services (such as healthcare). 

    But that’s still the minimum. 

    Go beyond — acknowledge that labourers are key to your success, your story, and your value chain. Their expertise helps you stand apart, and they should be treated and recognized as such. 

    That’s why we care that we are able to visit production lines and personally meet those who cut and sew our products. And we make sure to acknowledge the work of skilled garment workers. 

    3. Highlight inclusion and diversity 

    2020 has shone a light on many areas of our lives and businesses, including how we treat others. 

    We believe that God created everyone in His image — and that also means we have to show it in our business.

    Some areas to prioritize includes ensuring that various groups are being represented in consultations, photos, marketing, and partnerships. Put in the effort to include the community. 

    Continue to push for belonging and respect for everyone, no matter their journey. 

    At Rise + Dew, we know that an inclusion and diversity mindset starts at the top in leadership roles and transcends into all aspects, including our website and brand values.

     4. Give back financially

    In trusting that God provides for your business, Christians are also called to give back financially, and with their skills and resources.

    Commit to tithing or donating profits to charity. Volunteer your products, services, or resources to those who don’t have access or could use the extra help. 

    We are called to show compassion, and acknowledge that we are not always able to do it ourselves, instead fully relying on God. 

    That’s why for us at Rise + Dew, we aim to support organizations working directly with the most vulnerable in our communities, and to continually explore ways to give back.