A 2020 Year in Review for the Rise + Dew community

A 2020 Year in Review for the Rise + Dew community

For most, this has been a year of curveballs, character-building, and challenges. It wasn’t only a series of events — COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, BLM movement, global protests, Australian brushfires, and the US election — that made 2020 a wake-up year.

When we look back on 2020, may it be one where we asked God the hard questions.

May it be a year where we dug deeper, revisited assumptions, and prayed more earnestly for His guidance and wisdom. And more importantly, may it be the year we felt His presence, power, and comfort like never before. A year of ultimate surrender.

While it’s tempting to recount our activities, highlights, and milestones, let’s consider the broader picture. How did God challenge you? How did He nurture you? How has He made you more like Him?

For us at Rise + Dew, He has given us assurance over His timing. We’ve been reminded to continue running the race, and to follow Him — leaving results and timing to Him. He has increased our willingness and desire to trust Him and let go. 

This year, He has also taught us compassion. Within our team and in our wider community, we’ve been reminded that though we each have different experiences, circumstances, gifts, and shortcomings, we are all His children. We have a duty to love, lift up, and care for our brothers and sisters. After all, to love God is to love His creation. 

How has God shaped you in 2020?